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Ajinomoto® now in France

Ajinomoto® now in France

From now on, Japanese cuisine fans may skip dining out. Ajinomoto®, the leader on frozen foods in Japan and the most sought-after Asian brand in the world, now offers its gourmet delicacies in France so anyone can cook Japanese at home.

Given the fast growing French fondness of Japanese cuisine, Ajinomoto® now offers a wide range of frozen delicacies through the Carrefour distribution network (for a start). Thanks to a collection of eight genuine Asian gourmet dishes, anyone may pretend to be a successful Japanese Master chef. Since the 1990’s, Japanese cuisine market has consistently expanded and diversified. If sushi and yakitori (skewers) set up the trend, new generation restaurants now offer gyoza (panned ravioli), ramen (noodle soup) and yakisoba (fried noodles) that are very popular amongst French consumers. This appetite confirms the public’s interest in a type of cuisine world wide famous for being both healthy and flavourful.

Promoting healthy and flavourful food delicacies lies at the heart of Ajinomoto Co. Inc. historical vision. The brand’s name means « Essence of taste », and the company has become a major in Japanese food culture. It all started in 1908 when Dr Kikunae Ikeda discovered the famous « Umami » seasoning, thus adding a fifth taste to "sweet" "sour", "salty" and "bitter" known as the basic taste. This major breakthrough lead Saburosuke Suzuki II to set up a company (that used to bear his name before it was changed into Ajinomoto Co., Inc. in 1946) whose purpose was to market the Umami seasoning. The massive success of Umami had a strong impact on the principles of Japanese cuisine and its influence is just as topical today as ever.

Within a century, the company diversified. As it now specializes in scientific research and pharmaceuticals health, Ajinomoto® remains deeply committed to its lifetime motto
- eat well, live well.

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